Young Tsang, The Dog and The Proposal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Once upon a time, in a far off island, lived a young lad. His clan, The Tsang, was happy and complete. The singing, the dancing, the telling of happy-ending stories never ceased. The young boy, confused and in need of a friend, wandered around the place in search of something fresh; something really new, like an explorer. The lad's name was Young Tsang, an uncommon name indeed. Young Tsang was a misfit. He was excited about things he did not understand, happy to find new trees and fruits, elated when his style of clothing was admired and so he was always on the look out for something or the other, a wanderer, a born explorer. Being the trend-setter in that vast island, he loved to travel on foot and strech his knowledge on land. Young Tsang and his clan were completely unaware of all the other means of travel. 

Not far from home, the lad's eye met with a dog. He was anything but repulsed. The lad smiled at the dog and the dog returned the favour. It is strange, he thought, that a dog is more friendly than most of the pretentious people in his clan, more loyal than anyone he had met and possibly the most reliable living creature he knew of. The dog followed him for an hour. Soon, they were friends; friends for forever. Young Tsang grew and was not that young anymore. Everyone knew that one day Tsang would go out for good in search of truth, in search of Heaven. Young Tsang, along with the dog, set on exploring the vast island.

A week passed. The lad felt happy to have experienced viewing some exotic places which he had never even dreamt of. The dog was ever faithful for having a loving master and friend. The next day it rained hard. The dog ran and ran to find proper shelter. It did find a warm place built ages back. A cave with scripts all over it. The lad and the dog rested there due to the inclement weather. The lad, with the help of the dog, made the unkempt place look green and neat. Tsang loved adventure and this very style of living was nothing short of an adventure.

One dull morning, the lad spotted a boat. Frightened by the massiveness of the hull of the boat, Tsang assumed it to be a mytical monster! He stood, a few meters away from the boat, petrified. A young girl with a angelic face was merrily singing near the boat. Tsang was love-stuck! Never ever had he seen a more angelic face than hers. Never ever had he seen anything/anybody so beautiful.

to be continued...


AJai said...

This is nice. Waiting for the continuation.

Mishika said...

How cute. :)
Im waiting too.