Thursday, October 16, 2008
Hello readers,

Poetry is something which is tough to define. Ask 10 and get 20 different answers kinda-thing ! I hated it during my high school days. Mom and i had heated argument on it and the count goes up to a thousand times. She, being a student of literature loved the words of Worthworth and Frost while i got annoyed with their wordplay. It was in ninth grade that my English teacher, Mr Edward Joseph(one of my favourites) taught the class or rather made us understand the inherent meaning of the poem "On His Blindness". Well i was literally shocked. How can a person tell that God is there to give us problems based on our proportions of handling them! WOW,that is when my thoughts drifted. Though poems to many is an idiot's way of expressing something, i think there is more to it.

Why pen emotions in verses when is it more easy to adhere to meaningful sentences?Ask it to poetry lovers. It is analogous to music for them. It is enlightment. It takes them to a new world. I hardly understand poems on one read. It seems too abstruse. But once am able to connect it with the poet's thoughts there is a smile; a different smile.

Personally am not an admirer of poetry. Neither have I read any poem other than those that appeared in my school texts. But i find it relatively easy to summarize a poem than a big story. I do write a couple of poems when my solitude turns to loneliness. My definition of a poem : fact with fun and pun attached or intertwining of thoughts with imaginations.

I thereby complete this not so interesting post with an intersting activity for you. I present to you one of my poems. It is left to you to give a suitable title. If possible, summarize it. A challenge!


11:07 pm
13th april 2007
Was a pleasant day, I got up,
Shocked ! Bewildered !!
Thought i was dead;
With the possiblity that it is a dream,
I tried to get off my bed
Tried and Tried, but in vain
All over my head there was rain;
Couldn't understand the happenings,
There ain't any ropes nor my limbs tied
The pain was unbearable,
Got desperate and cried and cried

All my life never did i see a wonderful sight,
Everything seemed lustrous and bright.
I heard a voice
A voice so soft
"Angel is my name,
Is Neo ready to set out in my flame?"

Impossible for me,
I could hardly see,
Earth or Heaven!was tough for me..
Confused, I did really note
A bizzare smile on the Angel's face,
To my right, saw a flying boat.
My face went blank;
Angel took out her wand
I knew between the boat and the angel
There existed a bond.
A blue lightening hit the band on my hand
Scared, Neo shouts "I don't know heaven yet"
The angel grinned.
"I have your answer",She said
And without a trace, She disappeared.

Black, everything seemed Black!
And Black was great;
Neo's limbs begun to move..
I was fighting, fighting very hard;
Fighting to uncover my blanket.
As i got up from my bed
A commotion started in the neurons of my head
Was it really an angel?
Or was it God??
Was it really a dream?
Or reality??
Impossible to think !
Impossible to judge !!
Impossible for me to understand !!!

My First Post

Hello people,
                      Blogging, I thought was for all those insipid introverts who couldn't express themselves in real life. It's obvious that I was under a misconception. On the contrary, there are blogs which are informative, well-written, and fun to read. I came to know about it some years back from newspapers and friends. I kept thinking why some people waste their time on it; why would anyone be interested to read something written by an amateur anyway ? Why would people want to read something which is not written in proper English? Why in the world would they prefer to read something which may contain false facts! I still don't know completely. May be they are able to connect theirselves to the thoughts of the blogger. May be they are impressed by the way the blogger/ writer expresses his/her views.
                    I like to pen thoughts rather than discuss it with everyone; moreover one thinks while penning his thoughts. I had read a few of my friends' blogs and they were impressive. I have started blogging cause a couple of my friends told me to and it is far better than wasting time in social networking sites.  I do hope to continue this as a new constructive hobby.

                    Comments and reader's views are most welcome.