The End is Over

Friday, January 1, 2010
Hello friends,

It has been a month since I last wrote. A friend said a story and was it wonderful! I have no intention of sharing it now. The waiting for the end of the year 2009 is over and I thought of posting something on the 31st, in vain. First things first. My classmates aren't all that bad. All are humans, and they say things, hurting sometimes, intentional and unintentional, but they are, at the end of day, YOUNG. We had, what I'll call the best trip we have had in the last four years, a camp at Yercaud, Salem. And did we have a blast! Do not be alarmed, this is not a travelogue.

The month of December was a roller-coaster ride. The end of semester exams, the camping at Yercaud, the witnessing of a proposal(which did not have a happy ending, unfortunately), the attending of aptitude tests(placements) and facing the all-time feared Interview panel. As rightly said in the movie 3-Idiots, ALL IS WELL or rather ALL WENT WELL... Some moments should not be captured(in 2D picture), they ought to be remembered. The glow on the faces of friends, classmates when their names were either called out or put on the notice board said it all- A sense of accomplishment, a feeling of self-respect(esteem). It was that day, I saw them smile. Really smile :) It was the same smile that children get on receiving a candy for doing something good. Something very similar to that. Ah, it was fantastic. We still have friends who are due to give the good news. Hopefully, all will be well, and we'll get many more smiles in this month. Congrats to the 25 guys/gals in my class and congrats to all my friends in other departments. Waiting for the photos and videos of the Yercaud trip to write my first travelogue :D


Happy new year.