No Title, You Suggest It- Random Verses

Friday, December 23, 2011

People there are- bitter and sweet,
Times there are, ugly and neat.
But remember my friend
Our stay on Earth is not long
Before the final end-
 Tap your feet, hum a song.

In times when you are down and out,
And all set to break and shout;
The ones you like,
Always in the mind, they strike.
With them, you wish to walk,
Or at least have a few minutes talk...

Blesseth you are, with a life,
Enjoy it, cherish it, respect it;
For it is not a game of dice,
Rest your negatives at bay,
For we live only once,
And yet die everyday

PS-1 (2009):
I'll continue and hopefully complete this some other day.

PS-2 (2011): And I'll yet again continue this some other day.