No Title, You Suggest It- Random Verses

Friday, December 23, 2011

People there are- bitter and sweet,
Times there are, ugly and neat.
But remember my friend
Our stay on Earth is not long
Before the final end-
 Tap your feet, hum a song.

In times when you are down and out,
And all set to break and shout;
The ones you like,
Always in the mind, they strike.
With them, you wish to walk,
Or at least have a few minutes talk...

Blesseth you are, with a life,
Enjoy it, cherish it, respect it;
For it is not a game of dice,
Rest your negatives at bay,
For we live only once,
And yet die everyday

PS-1 (2009):
I'll continue and hopefully complete this some other day.

PS-2 (2011): And I'll yet again continue this some other day.


Balaj Prasanna said...

pufff! and thts life :) nice one da!

Nitin said...

Thanks da! Puff, it is :)

To people who haven't yet read HP6,

One sec you are there, and then Puff! That's life.

Anuj said...

Hey! Nice to find you writing again. But do you really think we die everyday? :P

Nitin said...

Yo man! ji ji kar marne be bajāya log mar mar ke ji rahe hai

Anuj said...

Have you started listening to some old Hindi songs?