22 minutes before the exam- A Thriller

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Exams are scary."
"Man, I did not sleep last night. I think I'll fall on my desk while writing today!"
"I hope dehydration does not stop my head from functioning!"
"No food for 16 hrs straight, I might flunk today."

People get the strangest of thoughts just seconds before the commencement of exams. I have had my share too. The top three situations where I literally panicked:

3) First Semester(2006). We had a paper on Chemistry. I was overconfident on easily passing the exam thanks to the internal marks of 45 on 50 and hence went out with family to the restaurants, shopping malls, etc., on the penultimate day of the semester exam only to land up with the chemistry book in my room at ten in the night. Feeling tired, I feel onto my book. I got up at five in the morning and BAM, triggered the panic button... On scanning the paper, my face went pale. No clue whatsoever on two 16-mark questions. Attended 55 marks, literally filled a page or two with answers completely irrelevant. I was sure of flunking for the first time ever. Fortunately, got a 'C'!

2) Second Semester(2007). I had a positive inclination towards Engineering Mechanics and Maths; these had sums and when you have three hours for a single paper, numerical problems keep the paper far from being boring. But, I was down with viral fever before the E.Mechanics exam and even thought of skipping the test on the belief that I'll take up the test after a few months. Mom said to give it a try. I could barely talk or walk! I attended 60 marks, of which 15 marks were mere attempt with the sole intention of clearing the paper! Got a 'B'! Luck do exist!

1) Final Exam(12th Standard, 2006) I remember wishing I were dead that day! I was so not ready to get into the examination hall. I wished for an earthquake! DOOMSDAY! CM's demise, ANYTHING MAN!! I was that unprepared. Well, it did not turn out well. This, I believe, is the best(and hopefully remain the best) panic attack I have ever had(I'll ever have). It was that bad!

As we grow, we learn. Or that is what is believed. Our fears fade and vanish. We had a semester exam today(23th Nov., Monday). The funniest part was that I started and completed a Hardy Boys novel the night before the exam. And again I slept with the false belief that I'll manage to wake up and read something pertaining to the subject- Cadastral Sureverying. IN VAIN. I got up at seven in the morning, all thanks to the phone call of Vignesh who, by the way, is the hero of this short, sweet thriller :)

Seven in the morning, with the sun rays energizing every cell in my body and the hot tea doing its magic, I went through the headlines. LOL. I did not believe it was yet time to hit the panic button. Shower. Breakfast. Friend on Bike. College. Vignesh was all geared up- book in one hand, cell phone in the other, smiling on our entry. Typical, caring IYER.

There we were, exchanging notes and thoughts on the chapters we learned. Co-operate to Dominate :) Everything was going well. Time-9:02 AM. We packed up the necessities and walked to the examination hall and BAM! A virtual hammer hit me real hard! All this time, while we were happily cooperating to dominate, listening to part-lessons, part-stories to be written in the answer paper, my HALL TICKET lay in my room at HOME!

Very many people in the world have the talent to screw things at the very last moment, and I too belong to that elite group! So, with 25 minutes in hand, Vignesh with no second thoughts agrees to accompany me in yet another thriller. We rush to the parking lot and race our way through the traffic! What a waste, we were stuck on the last place anyone would wish to get stuck- on the topmost portion of a bridge! Nevertheless, we raced and reached the examination room a little over time. 9:32. We were allowed to write; we would have been allowed even if we were 15 minutes late. But then, this was thrilling and strangely we did not, or rather I did not hit the PANIC BUTTON.

Thanks to Vignesh the day was saved. A treat awaits him. :)

The Two Facets

Monday, November 16, 2009

Life is really funny,
Sometimes Dark, sometimes Sunny;
The inner side of me,
Contradictory, they are, doubly do i see-
Life is both dark and sunny.

Nitin, inside the mind, always say
Neo is one of a kind,
Listen to Him not, you'll have to pay-
Pay, pay the price of being selfish,
Being careless, being peevish.
Am I two, or am I one,
Both of them are here to stay.

From Neo's eye, all I could see-
Me being beautified,
Me being personified,
Me with all this attention,
Eventually fall in self-detention.

Again I start to sway,
Again Nitin has something to say-
"Done with the heights of your attitude,
Oh, please stop measuring its magnitude."
Today, you are at the top of the world,
Tomorrow, you'll remain nothing but a dirt.

Neo never complains, he does things,
Nitin complains, he wants to do things;
So here i am, confused, scared,
Who is Neo, and where is Nitin,
Aren't they the same,
When things go wrong,
Whom am i to blame?
Sometimes gloomy,
Life is unsurprisingly funny,
Sometimes dark, sometimes sunny.

Yes, I did have dilemma while posting it. Dealing with alter-ego is anything but fun :-|

The Misery of being anybody

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surrounded by No-bodys,
He strives to be a Somebody;
And when he enters the league of Somebody(s),
He desires to be the One big, cool daddy;
Eventually, his yearning is complete.
Now, he searches for the truth,
He misses being a Somebody,
Even misses being a Nobody.

Power is powerful,
It took over him.
Choking like a rabbit in a sack,
He knows there ain't turning back,
Helpless, he has no more power to gain.
Everything in vain.
He was a Somebody,
Who died like everybody.
Immortality ain't real;
It is a bloody myth, a lie,
Many things, many times, always end with a sigh.


He never really was fully content, ever. Sad... So are many of us which is also, shall I say, sad...

Another Chapter coming to an End

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello folks,
I am in my fourth year of college, as most of you know, the final year of my first programme in college. Life in college, I would say, is one of an explorer. We start by making acquaintances, friends and even more, and gradually move to the short journey in college trying out things we wished we tried earlier, and as time flies by, a few new ones get appended automatically. I had my share- dancing, cricket, new genres of music, writing, reading, video-games, watching movies- on the verge of completing my Classic list, trying out practical stuff in math, text-messaging, mailing, chatting and then there is blogging. Apart from learning all those damned courses prescribed by the so-called-faculty, playing with Ubuntu(a Linux based OS), PSP, etc., will be the chapters that I would look back to, a lot, in the following chapters of my life. Oh boy, I sound like a grown-up already! This paragraph I write in the memory of the line “The wilderness must be explored”-Movie UP

I doubt if I ll miss college, I have never missed school. I doubt if I ll miss my friends for there are too many people in this world and there is no shortage of good ones, unlike what they say in books and movies. If only we search…And when there is internet, how can we miss our buddies, they are always present. The different transition a person goes through during the different phases of life in the game of life is fascinating. Well, I have a strange habit of surprising myself and the transition part is indeed a statement for which I consider myself as being the experimental rat. College has thought me, apart from the curriculum, a lot of things. No wonder more than half the people I meet say college life is cool, college life is for enjoying, college life is this and college life is that. They miss the most important part. College life is a period of discovering oneself. Or is it after college life. Or is it a lifetime process. I disagree. It is that one moment of truth when you know that you love to do THIS and not THAT. People are clear on what they want to do and what they have to do right from 11th standard. Rubbish. How could they? They are young, vulnerable and are capable of having depression hits often. So, in this lifelong learning process, college is a bridge to freedom. Freedom of free thinking, freedom to explore. This paragraph is in the awful memory of my days when I was down with Chickenpox, for it was then that i promised myself that I would write and share my thoughts if I were alive. Yeah, it was that painful.

I would love to have this freedom of thoughts, freedom to explore in my workplace. And I wish the chapters that aren’t yet written continue to come out nicely. This line is in the memory of that one book I read about the life of Sidney Sheldon- The Other Side of Me.    

I longed to write something for the blog. Had to scribble something today. And yeah, tomorrow we are going to have our first, official placement talk. Give, send a lot of positive energy…my handwriting is breaking… smiles…
Ta Ta…

Yet Another Failure

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello everybody,

Oops, there is a story (Young Tsang, The Dog and The Proposal) to complete. Sorry, I'll complete it next week. Two weeks back, my classmates(read as friends) were all excited to log everything that we experienced in college, every exciting moment in college, all the happy and not-so-happy moments, all the mocking, all the humours, all the crushes if there were any, almost everything with fine details. I was all so excited and recommended a Class Blog! A Class Diary, what an idea Sirji! All sounded really exciting, in vain. In less than three days, my classmates got busy with THINGS and forget the conversation we had. Only if I log the short, cute happenings in college as I remember(now), will I be in a position to refresh my memory very many years from now. But not all desire to share their memories, which leaves me to refrain myself from scribbling many, many posts pertaining to college life. No wonder the other blog, College Life, is dormant.

History has been one of my favourite subjects since school days. And blogging is such a wonderful idea to write down (in a virtual medium) our own story. Our experiences. Our problems. Our idea of the World! Yes, we may not wish to write all the incidents, all the details, and yet, sharing few memories might bring a smile to many a face. 

I got up from my slumber and had to post this before I changed my mind! May you be lucky enough to start your Class blog. :)

Happy time, writing...

Young Tsang, The Dog and The Proposal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Once upon a time, in a far off island, lived a young lad. His clan, The Tsang, was happy and complete. The singing, the dancing, the telling of happy-ending stories never ceased. The young boy, confused and in need of a friend, wandered around the place in search of something fresh; something really new, like an explorer. The lad's name was Young Tsang, an uncommon name indeed. Young Tsang was a misfit. He was excited about things he did not understand, happy to find new trees and fruits, elated when his style of clothing was admired and so he was always on the look out for something or the other, a wanderer, a born explorer. Being the trend-setter in that vast island, he loved to travel on foot and strech his knowledge on land. Young Tsang and his clan were completely unaware of all the other means of travel. 

Not far from home, the lad's eye met with a dog. He was anything but repulsed. The lad smiled at the dog and the dog returned the favour. It is strange, he thought, that a dog is more friendly than most of the pretentious people in his clan, more loyal than anyone he had met and possibly the most reliable living creature he knew of. The dog followed him for an hour. Soon, they were friends; friends for forever. Young Tsang grew and was not that young anymore. Everyone knew that one day Tsang would go out for good in search of truth, in search of Heaven. Young Tsang, along with the dog, set on exploring the vast island.

A week passed. The lad felt happy to have experienced viewing some exotic places which he had never even dreamt of. The dog was ever faithful for having a loving master and friend. The next day it rained hard. The dog ran and ran to find proper shelter. It did find a warm place built ages back. A cave with scripts all over it. The lad and the dog rested there due to the inclement weather. The lad, with the help of the dog, made the unkempt place look green and neat. Tsang loved adventure and this very style of living was nothing short of an adventure.

One dull morning, the lad spotted a boat. Frightened by the massiveness of the hull of the boat, Tsang assumed it to be a mytical monster! He stood, a few meters away from the boat, petrified. A young girl with a angelic face was merrily singing near the boat. Tsang was love-stuck! Never ever had he seen a more angelic face than hers. Never ever had he seen anything/anybody so beautiful.

to be continued...

Stop shattering Windows!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't worry guys. No more geeky posts after this one. At least not for a few months.

Why Linux?

Windows, no doubt, was the first OS we as kids were introduced to. The GUI of Windows made it the most popular OS in use. And it is still the most popular OS available in the market. But are we satisfied? After spending lavishly on Windows, and on the Anti-virus software; and on the various proprietary software, all that we as users wish for is an easy way to get our job done. Strangely, this does not happen. We get bogged down by various errors and viruses in Windows which in turn results in discontentment. I still remember the day when my teacher introduced me to the world of computers. The first thing he mentioned when the Windows screen appeared was The Three Finger Salute(CTRL+ALT+DEL). Haven't we used this legendary combination umpteen times! Why not try something different, something more flexible, something free of cost!

On technical grounds, the word Linux refers to a set of programs which is known as the kernel. But the vast public think of it as a complete OS. Nevertheless, this article will concentrate on How a new user can get used to Linux. As Ubuntu is the most preferred Linux-based OS, I recommend working on it. Firstly, any OS requires installation. Really? Well, it is possible to run Ubuntu through a live CD/DVD. It is similar to a test-drive wherein the user can check for both hardware compatibility and driver support. All this without installation, isn't that great folks! Ubuntu can even be installed within windows(Wubi installation). A clear, detailed and sophisticated installation procedure is given in http://www.ceglug.org/

It is after the installation that many users feel a little out-of-place. Most of us already have the misconception that Linux is complex and is only for the developers and advanced users. It is high time we fine-tune our thoughts if we are uncomfortable with Windows.

Certain steps after installation:

When it comes to GUI, Windows and Ubuntu are similar. The flexibility though in the case of the latter is a big plus. You can start by exploring the default applications available. You'll find that there are alternatives for most of the common applications used in Windows. GIMP instead of Photoshop, Open office for Microsoft Office, Rhythmbox music player for Windows media player, Firefox web browser for IE, Pidgin Messenger which clubs most of the popular messengers, VLC media player, Transmission Bit-torrent client and many other such important and daily-used applications.

Add/Remove programs and Synaptic Package Manager
Add/Remove programs under Applications is an extremely useful tool. It allows you to add or remove applications at the click of a button. You'll be surprised to see the variety of applications available under each head. You can browse thorough the categories to find the required applications or search using the Search box available. However, for more advanced needs the synaptic manager is used.

Ubuntu Tweak
Ubuntu Tweak allows you to tweak your system settings, all in one place. You can install new applications, customize your desktop settings, configure your start-up applications, change the system file type association and many more tweaks in this single application. Image tools, video tools, emulators, file-sharing tools, instant messengers, FTP tools, CD/DVD tools and many more applications pertaining to our needs can be easily downloaded with the click of a button. It is fully user-interactive eliminating the use of command line. To install Ubuntu Tweak, use Terminal.

Applications → Accessories → Terminal. Enter the command:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Then access it through Applications → System Tools → Ubuntu Tweak
Install applications like Compiz Fusion, Gnome Do.

System → Preferences→ CompizConfig Settings Manger

Explore the various options to make your desktop look envious! Desktop Cube, Rotate Cube, Expo, 3D Windows, Wobbly windows, Ring switcher are very impressive.

Getting connected to the Internet
It is not unusual to have a lot of doubts in the beginning. Internet is one of the best sources to access for information/clarifications. The recent versions of Ubuntu support all major Ethernet cards. Possibly, you'll get connected to the internet automatically if you are using plug-in-play modems. But in case you have the settings in a manner that you manually connect to the internet keying in username and password in Windows, then you'll have to configure once in Ubuntu.
Open terminal. Type

sudo pppoeconf

An interactive blue screen appears. It scans for the Ethernet cards available. Proceed to the screen wherein Username is asked. Specify your Username and Password. At the verge of completion, it asks if you would prefer the saved settings to run during boot time. Choose Yes. Internet is up and ready! Those interested in working with the terminal, can also try the following

sudo dhclient    (or)
sudo pppconfig (an interactive approach appears)

sudo pon dsl-provider for connecting to the internet
sudo poff dsl-provider for disconnecting from the internet.(Usually, it is not used. The cable is simply plugged out)

WiFi is automatically detected. And in the case of broadband, once connected, it is not necessary to type in the command line for getting connected to the internet again.
Getting used with the terminal:
Terminal is the command line. It is similar to the Command Prompt in Windows. Most of us are scared of using the command line. I was very reluctant to use the terminal in the beginning. The reason being obvious- the pointing and clicking of buttons with the mouse for very many years. Using the terminal can save ample amount of time! I'll give shoot one of my experiences- For downloading anything, for instance Firefox, I have to run a search engine and then perform 5-6 clicks whereas a single line would perform the same in the terminal.

sudo apt-get install firefox

Ubuntu Forums is of great help when it comes to using the terminal. The terminal can be used for configuring printers, cards, etc., almost everything is possible in the terminal, from editing, creating, moving, copying of files to the opening of applications by simply typing the name of the application.

Nautilus and Gnome Do

Nautilus is the official file manager for the Gnome desktop. It is similar to the Run application in Windows. The recent folders can easily be located thorough Nautilus. Alt+F2 is the combination for invoking Nautilus.

Gnome Do, an application launcher has the potential to amuse anyone! It is elegant, very stylish and the best thing is it can help us perform things as quickly as possible. Do away with the mouse and start Gnome Do! Gnome Do is readily available for installation in Ubuntu Tweak. Starting an application, opening a file, tweeting, chatting, searching for files, mounting drives, playing music , searching Google maps, opening an URL are some of the basic features possible using this addictive application launcher. With a vast variety of plug-ins, Gnome Do is simply irresistible.

Sytem → Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts is used to define user-defined short-cuts for the most-used applications. It is a good practice to have short cuts for invoking Terminal, Gnome Do, etc.  

Ubuntu(Linux) is fun. We have spent years and years on Windows and yet many of us are oblivious of the ways that Windows functions and the causes for so many errors. Let's try Ubuntu for a couple of days; maybe a week or two alongside Windows and feel the difference.

Note: If you are impressed and wish to give a shot at Ubuntu, be careful during the installation process. Don't land up clicking the wrong options and losing your Windows!

I have included a few command lines for fun, with no intention of scaring anyone! :D
Happy Diwali to all you wonderful people...

Someone broke my Window(s)

Monday, October 12, 2009
I hate it when I have to fix my system. From the age of fifteen I have been in a series of battles with (Microsoft's)Windows. Not that I hated it back then but we were, by no means, on good terms! After a series of precautions, yet again I find myself hating the experience of the installation process. To hell with Windows. And to hell with the guys who started the concept of Virus in the first place. Oh, I forgot to mention the reason for my whining, silly me. Last week my laptop was used by friends while I was happily playing Cricket with the not-so-busy, awesome souls. It was a Friday. I was happy and calm after playing cricket. Until... At home, the following morning(Saturday) I enter Windows to remove some of the redundant software only to find the fatal, the brutal, the ever-so-feared system32 error. What more? My mouse pointer starts break-dancing to the music playing on TV! Hopeless! I strongly feel many of you may have been in similar situations.

I rarely use Windows, thanks to a friend who is well-versed with Linux. So, when I bought my laptop I installed the damned Windows Vista and the cool, very flexible Ubuntu(an OS based on Linux). I have already posted a few screenshots of Ubuntu. One of my so-called achievements is I never re-installed any OS on my laptop. But this record shattered last weekend :( Sad, I know. All thanks to a pen drive. All thanks to the IRS(Institute of Remote Sensing), the place which is considered to be the storehouse for all sorts of Viruses. Oh well, I am happy though, for the files I consider important are unaffected thanks to the concept of Partitioning.


I have rebuild my Window(s) :P. Only this time, I ll refrain from the idea of not using an Anti-virus software. And yeah, am still using Ubuntu and getting better at it. 


Some of you might be wondering about What this Ubuntu thingy is :D  It is an OS which is linux-based but is user-friendly. I mention it cause the word LINUX frightens a lot of people I know. Well, even I get frightened by the word sometimes. Ubuntu comes free of cost. 100% Freedom. Freedom to alter applications, freedom to alter the kernel, freedom to play as and how an user wants to... Now, that is truly called POWER!

You can find the Ubuntu installation procedure, essential fundamentals here --->CEG's Linux User Group

Interesting Screenshots -  Click me :)

Sathyam Heroes: PART THREE

Sunday, October 4, 2009
Note: Read it only if you have read the first two parts of the Sathyam Heroes.

A policeman appears in front of our bike. Iyer doesn't stop. The front tyre is in between the policeman's legs :) and our beloved Iyer is bending his right hand inwards... trying to accelerate the vehicle to full speed... The policeman, totally disgusted, shows fast reflexes, does some stunt, and pulls the key of the vehicle!!!
Typical Bollywood style.

Hell with Rhonda Byrne's theory, hell with The Secret, hell with all the energies, hell with Meta-Physics. Life gets screwed when we least expect it to. That is the only secret!

Policeman 1: ******, ********, you punks.... you think you can drive as you want... you crazy idiots...

Iyer and Neo did not break any law. This was classic. Show at 1630. Caught by police at 16:11. And guys were counting on them for the tickets.

Iyer: What happened? What did we do?

Policaman: Shut up. Shut the **** up. One more word and you good-for-nothing fellows will be in more trouble than you think.

Neo: ID card....

Iyer: errr....

Neo: Wear your ID..

Policeman2: Nerves. Nerves you have got to run into a policeman.

Iyer: Sir, we thought he was trying to catch the other bike. We did notice the signal and it was yellow, not red!

Iyer was keeping the policemen busy. Neo, nicely, slipped the 1000 odd he had into one of the strange pockets of his baggy. 

Policaman1: (getting aggressive) So, you are speaking rules now... Why the hell were you accelerating then ! Have any answer!!!

Iyer: Sir!! What?

Neo: Hello...Mu2... man, we screwed a little... we got caught on the turn to the right to the way to Sathyam by two hippos... two fatheads... come as soon as possible...oh wait, reach the theatre. I think we'll settle it here...

Mu2: what !!! right to the way to the what! MAKE SENSE, will you ???

CLICK... CLICK... All hail Airtel !

Policeman2 and Policeman1 were busy ranting with Iyer... Neo joined him waving his college ID card.

Policeman1 : Where were you two going!

Neo: To a friend's house nearby.

Policeman2: You are students, aren't you? students these days, i tell you.....blah blah blah

Iyer and Neo:(in a chorus) We study at ANNA UNIVERSITY.

Being in a top college of India helps! It really does in Chennai. If not the IITs, Anna will do...

A short pause... Change of behaviour!!!

Policeman1: What do you think? What if you are students there? You think we'll let you go. You broke the rules... Mount Road... You understand.

Iyer: But we did not...

Policeman1: enough!

Policeman2 taunting... for money...

Time- 16:16

Policemen tried scaring Iyer and Neo with paperwork. They were already getting late for the movie!

Policeman: yeah... how much do u have!

Neo: 50

Iyer: 100

Neo was red as brick. He would have murdered Iyer there. Right there.

Policeman1: WHAT! 50, 100... what is this! don't you fool with me.

Iyer does the craziest thing ever. He opens his purse. The police thinks he has succeeded  in his act of terrorizing Iyer!  DUMEER!!!!!! There is nothing in the purse except a single 10 rupee note. Policeman1 was motionless. Shocked. Neo smiled. Policeman2 noticed. Now it was his turn !

Policaman2 : I'll file you. You people love playing games eh...

Policeman1: Wait. How much do you have.

Neo: me!!!

Neo: I... 

Neo flipped his purse and there were only a few notes of ten! Policemen lost hope.

Policeman1: Give it all.

Neo: But...but...

Iyer: How are we to proceed without any money!

Policeman2: You were on your way to your friend, right. He will take care of you.

Policamen smirked. 

Time- 4:21

Neo: let us move. fast.

Iyer and Neo were only 100 mts from Sathyam and all this incident happened! 

Meanwhile BJ, Dinesh, Mama, Avinesh, Sabbu were on their way in a bus. They were close. Mu2 and Yogu, in their bike, were nearing the theatre! Neo rushed to the ticket counter and.....

Neo: Nine tickets for QGM, please.

The Guy: Sorry sir, we are out. We have only 5 tickets.

Neo: Oh, What about the 19:15 show?

The guy: (Smiling) I was referring to that show ! The tickets to the 1630 show are out for good!



Hell with Rhonda Byrne...Hell with positive energy... 

Tring... tring.....

Time: 16:28

BJ: we are here!!!

Neo: Come slowly, no need to hurry! NO TICKETS!


Mu2, BJ, Dinesh, Mama, Avinesh, Sabbu, Yogu, Vignesh and Neo were all standing in front of the counter trying to decide on what to do! In vain.

Sabbu: Am ready to watch any movie!

Neo: Kaminey!

Yogu: No!

Iyer: I think we can watch KANDHASWAMY!

BJ   :NO

Mu2: NO. (a loud NO!)
Dinesh: NO
Mama: NO

Neo: Is Kandhaswamy really that bad!

BJ  : Watch it if you want to suffer! I'll leave for sure...

Avi : No da.. the movie is so bad... it is worse than....than...

Neo: Attending our lectures !!!

Avi: yeah!

Laughter all around the place....

Sabbu:  What about this movie?

Neo: Which one?

Sabbu:  ICE AGE 3!

Neo: Animation! Am ready...

Mama: Dai.....

Avi: what the hell....ask him again... maybe we can still get the tickets.

Mu2: how many tickets do you have. Of the movie Quick Gun Murgan that is.

The Guy: Five. but they are spread out sir.

Mu2: hmmm....

Yogu was busy staring at something, someone. We all joined him.

BJ : dai... let us try INOX!We have yet another comedy...

Neo: What!

Iyer: I have work. I think I'll leave.

Neo: !!!! You have work! What! What the...

Mu2: INOX... I called INOX.. i think it will again be a disaster... let us try somewhere near.. what say everyone!

Yogu was still busy staring and we again joined him. Sathyam is cool :D

Yogu: look...look... that poster... 

Mu2: We thought you were busy looking at ga...people... never mind...Great...there is a theater called Pilot nearby! n the next show is at 18:50

Mokka:  What?! Pilot... yeah, then we'll have sailors, aircraft, sailors, driver, bus, auto and what not as names of theaters!

Not many smiled. And very few laughed. Mooka has a sense of humour that takes time to understand. Sometimes, we just don't unless he explains...

Sabbu: I want to watch a movie at Sathyam

Iyer: I think I'll leave now and join you guys tomorrow.

Neo: Is the theater air-conditioned?

BJ : Am ready!

Avi: Do you have a bus-stop... it may be late by the time the movie ends?

Iyer: I think am already late!

Neo: Is the theatre air-condiditoned?

Mama: !!!!!!

Mu2: ?????

The gang forgot they were OUTSIDE. Outside college. At Sathyam. Commotion, commotion, commotion. The conversation was so loud that there would have been at least 50 fresh glances in less than 50 seconds ! We deserve to come on TV  :D

Mokka: Why? You people have not been to any theatre other than Sathyam


Neo: I don't know... Pilot sounds funny...

Iyer: Why not Kandhaswamy?

BJ:  Dai... For the millionth time the movie is....forget it!

Iyer is forced to make a call. Meanwhile Mu2, along with Mama, in the search of the theater Pilot, finds it!

Iyer: Hello. Appa... I'll be late. We are planning for a movie. Quick Gun Murgan.


Neo: so....

Iyer: When did I say am not coming!  When is the show!!!!

Neo calls Mu2. 

Neo: Thanks to BJ and Yogu, everyone agreed. All set for Pilot, I say.

What followed was hilarious. The show was at 18:50 and the time was  17:10... BJ was busy cracking jokes. All looked happy. The guys were hungry. It was clear in their faces.

Yogu: Pachi(Machi), let's go Spencer's!

Neo: Why, are you done sighting here ?!

Avi, Iyer, Dinesh burst into laughter. 

Sabbu: yeah...yeah... why not... there is bakery near Sathyam. We'll eat something and then go Sathyam....errr... I mean Spencer's Plaza...

Neo: My legs are aching already... Is it necessary!

Iyer: What are we to do for an hour. Sri.Mithai at Spencers!!!

Neo: Shree Mithai...okay...

Sabbu: Spencers... Spencers...Spencers...

Yogu was still busy....

BJ: We are set for yet another adventure...

With less than two 10-rupess notes, we seven trot to Spencers.TROT !!!
Mu2 and Mama were busy getting the tickets...

Iyer:  errr.... that fatty.... that police... he... he took everything!

Neo: (raised eyebrows) He only took a ten rupee note!

Iyer: You have the money right. Yogu's money that is :)

Neo: Gave the 800 to Mu2 for tickets, etc... and I have 200! I think we have all rights to convert the 200 to 0 

Iyer gives a evil smile. The gang follows. Sabbu looks puzzled. Yogu is scared, still smiling though.

A mini treat at Spencers. Mu2 and Mama join us. Then we make it to the theater called PILOT!

Iyer: You got the tickets!!

Mu2: We have the entire theatre to ourselves...

LOL...ROFL... The guys were so tired that they couldn't complete their laughter.  

Time: 18:40 
In front of the theater

Yogu and Mu2, Mama were fighting over the expenses, and amusing everyone around! The security, the guy at the ticket counter, the guy at the parking area, the countable people waiting for the movie... Smiles all around!

BJ comments... Mokka comments... Yogu is cornered. Mu2 is enjoying every bit of the happenings. Neo and Iyer are amused watching the scene!

BJ: dai...What is the problem.

Mu2: 200...100....50.. that settles!!!

Bj: Moola !!!  Brain-Grain, Moola Mu2!

Yogu blinking ! still blinking! As if someone stole a candy from a baby!

A roar of laughter without Yogu!

Bj: hey yogu, are you questioning Moola's calculating powers! Look at his hair! the antennas are functioning... no trace of wind..  all is well !!!!

Yet another roar of laughter. This time Yogu joined :)

Then the calculation was figured out in a piece of paper, with diagrams, places, persons !

The people around thought we went mad !!!
If only we gave in that much effort for the Mathematics papers in college,... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mama and Mu2 disappeared only to reappear 2 minutes b4 the movie!

Inside the theatre...

All were seated. The theatre was nearly empty... We are present, of course. There were 10 others in pairs. Maybe a little more... but very less...The trailers were so damn funny that....that we had tears laughing!!! The first half of the movie was a little disappointing... BJ saw to it that we enjoyed... His jokes rarely fail... And yes, there was Sabbu with his one-liners.... Sabbu, when in form, can be deadly... Mokka is ALWAYS DEADLY. The second half was just the opposite. Very hilarious. The second half stole the show.

We got QGM syndrome!!!  And were speaking His slang.

Stop staring, I say!

Leave the ladies, I say!

Be original, I say!

A really adventurous day, I say !

I'll get my bike, I say!

Mokkai, I say!

Stop tormenting, I say! 

Go and bath, I say!

Your money is long-forgotten, I say !!

Thank God, we did not watch QGM at Sathyam, I say!!!

Enough 'I say' ,  I say !!!!!

The gang departed...with smiles on their faces. BJ and Neo were waiting for a bus in the wrong bus-stop for thirty minutes !!!  It was nearly 2200 hrs when they reached home!

The gang set out for a movie to Sathyam like warriors on an unexplored land. A quest with a certain amount of ambiguity involved. A thrill... At 1630, we find we are Zeroes from Heroes only to become Heroes again at 20:50 by completing the quest at Pilot. :D

What followed was a torrent of tweets !!!  Everyone kinda enjoyed. 
So, the not-so-well-planned, adventurous day came to an end on a good note...

Cheers friends!

I dedicate this to all the guys in my class. Maybe, ten years later, I'll wind back the clock and read this post and feel all young again :)

Happy reading...