The Two Facets

Monday, November 16, 2009

Life is really funny,
Sometimes Dark, sometimes Sunny;
The inner side of me,
Contradictory, they are, doubly do i see-
Life is both dark and sunny.

Nitin, inside the mind, always say
Neo is one of a kind,
Listen to Him not, you'll have to pay-
Pay, pay the price of being selfish,
Being careless, being peevish.
Am I two, or am I one,
Both of them are here to stay.

From Neo's eye, all I could see-
Me being beautified,
Me being personified,
Me with all this attention,
Eventually fall in self-detention.

Again I start to sway,
Again Nitin has something to say-
"Done with the heights of your attitude,
Oh, please stop measuring its magnitude."
Today, you are at the top of the world,
Tomorrow, you'll remain nothing but a dirt.

Neo never complains, he does things,
Nitin complains, he wants to do things;
So here i am, confused, scared,
Who is Neo, and where is Nitin,
Aren't they the same,
When things go wrong,
Whom am i to blame?
Sometimes gloomy,
Life is unsurprisingly funny,
Sometimes dark, sometimes sunny.

Yes, I did have dilemma while posting it. Dealing with alter-ego is anything but fun :-|


Rose winget said...

heyy bro.......
its all true......
n d bst blog u have ever written.........

Mishika said...

Quite interesting actually, but i guess the battle will still go on..
Have fun!

Nitin said...


@mishika they r friends now :)
mutual understanding.

Neeru said...

Am I two, or am I one,
Both of them are here to stay.

Whoa, someone's becoming a pro here.