Another Chapter coming to an End

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello folks,
I am in my fourth year of college, as most of you know, the final year of my first programme in college. Life in college, I would say, is one of an explorer. We start by making acquaintances, friends and even more, and gradually move to the short journey in college trying out things we wished we tried earlier, and as time flies by, a few new ones get appended automatically. I had my share- dancing, cricket, new genres of music, writing, reading, video-games, watching movies- on the verge of completing my Classic list, trying out practical stuff in math, text-messaging, mailing, chatting and then there is blogging. Apart from learning all those damned courses prescribed by the so-called-faculty, playing with Ubuntu(a Linux based OS), PSP, etc., will be the chapters that I would look back to, a lot, in the following chapters of my life. Oh boy, I sound like a grown-up already! This paragraph I write in the memory of the line “The wilderness must be explored”-Movie UP

I doubt if I ll miss college, I have never missed school. I doubt if I ll miss my friends for there are too many people in this world and there is no shortage of good ones, unlike what they say in books and movies. If only we search…And when there is internet, how can we miss our buddies, they are always present. The different transition a person goes through during the different phases of life in the game of life is fascinating. Well, I have a strange habit of surprising myself and the transition part is indeed a statement for which I consider myself as being the experimental rat. College has thought me, apart from the curriculum, a lot of things. No wonder more than half the people I meet say college life is cool, college life is for enjoying, college life is this and college life is that. They miss the most important part. College life is a period of discovering oneself. Or is it after college life. Or is it a lifetime process. I disagree. It is that one moment of truth when you know that you love to do THIS and not THAT. People are clear on what they want to do and what they have to do right from 11th standard. Rubbish. How could they? They are young, vulnerable and are capable of having depression hits often. So, in this lifelong learning process, college is a bridge to freedom. Freedom of free thinking, freedom to explore. This paragraph is in the awful memory of my days when I was down with Chickenpox, for it was then that i promised myself that I would write and share my thoughts if I were alive. Yeah, it was that painful.

I would love to have this freedom of thoughts, freedom to explore in my workplace. And I wish the chapters that aren’t yet written continue to come out nicely. This line is in the memory of that one book I read about the life of Sidney Sheldon- The Other Side of Me.    

I longed to write something for the blog. Had to scribble something today. And yeah, tomorrow we are going to have our first, official placement talk. Give, send a lot of positive energy…my handwriting is breaking… smiles…
Ta Ta…