Different perspectives

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is a race,
Travel it with gentle pace;
It is not about I'm First, I'm Last,
It doesn't really matter How fast!
Magic is already cast,
And beautiful it is- the Future, the Present and the Past! 
Life is Crap,
A well designed, sweet trap,
In the end,
Everyone is gonna have an endless nap!


I completely agree that it sounds funny and insanely dumb. These dumb lines were written yesterday night with no intension of being posted. But I am very bored today and hence the result :)

Another Day without Electricity

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All hell breaks loose when there is no electricity for an entire day in Summer. People get easily annoyed and shout/ fight over petty things. I do. Well, the unfriendly HEAT gets into the head, that is all. We, this year, are experiencing a lot of power-cuts and it is awful. There is this one advantage of having our classes canceled. The teachers oblige happily. But without electricity, what are we to do!

We guys play cricket in the scorching heat and we are the only ones in college doing so, presently. Ah, we have the entire playground to ourselves and yes, we are a little too crazy to actually play in that dreadful weather. With only a few days left in the last semester, what do you expect? After playing for a couple of hours, after the amusing fights we get into while playing, after having exhausted ourselves completely and getting all soaked in sweat, we have a long walk to the MUC(Madras University Canteen) only to hydrate ourselves with chilled water, chilled flavoured  soda/ pet bottles of pepsi/ miranda/ 7Up, a grape or an orange candy, whatsoever is available. Ah, BLISSFUL! It is not really easy to put it in words, that very moment when the chilled whatever rushes through your throat. It will be apt to say that it feels like drinking directly from the fountain of youth. It feels like being reincarnated! *laughs*

I have drifted again. Back to the topic! I had planned on watching a movie, downloading a few songs, reading a short story last friday. And when I reached home(after playing cricket), there wasn't any electricity- from five in the evening till ten in the night. Everything flopped. So, there are power-cuts. "They are saving something for the future." Errr.. This beats me.

You have a bar of chocolate with you. And I tell you it is that last one on Earth. What do you do? Eat it ? Preserve it? Eat half of it and then preserve it for the posterity? A dumb analogy, right. But power-cuts in the middle of a summer are even more dumber. Well, it is just that I had a terrible, terrible evening. If only they cut power in winter instead of summer!

I had to sit without electricity for a while even in the exam hall today!


A day to remember

Sunday, May 9, 2010
The last few months in college have been very exciting and entertaining. A semester that was much required, a semester that we guys deserved. A lot of Cricket, a lot of bantering and a couple of outings has made this last semester very special and remember-able. And I ended up making a few cool friends in these last few weeks. Glad that I did.

Mother's day has always been special. And today was no less. Only this time I wasn't at home, almost the whole day. Ending on a bad note the previous(Saturday) night, I went to bed to sleep it off. And Sunday morning was as horrible as always with mom waking me up while cleaning my room. Darn, seven in the morning is too early to get up on a Sunday morning. I did sleep again, woke up a little late, only to prepare my share of tea. I am easily the most awful person you'll come across when it comes to kitchen-work. Surprisingly, the tea tasted good. A good sign. That was the first high point of the day.

My mobile lay on the bed untouched, with a few text messages unread. The messages were comforting, perfect to start the day with. I saw Sherlock Holmes waiting to be read on the table and reading I did. Loved the short story I read! I wished mom and then we went out for a small walk and did some purchasing. While walking, I noticed that I have been endevouring to have a great weekend from a few weeks and I clearly wasn't having one. I decided to visit a friend nearby for lunch, hoping it would be fun. And it turned out to be more than that!

The terrace. Having played Cricket for very many years on the terrace at my place in Salem, I have always had a liking for it(the terrace). The friend's place, well, they have a lovely terrace- not too high, spacious, a mango tree to protect everyone from the heat, gentle and soothing breeze to again beat the heat and a splendid view of the lane nearby. We, the three of us, had a long conversation there- discussing college, movies, psychology, para-psychology, school, hostel life, etc.; no matter how many times these topics are touched upon, neither do they fade nor get tagged as being boring. A spectacular evening.

On reaching home, another friend arrived and we had a short chat on movies and music. I love it when this guy chills me off during semester exams. He came to collect movies and songs. CHEERS! Apparently, he is the only one who gives me hope during exams. Our standard exam preparation statement- "You are not alone, even I am yet to start! Who has the study materials for the subject? ". It is wonderful to have friends who are similar to you. He was keen to watch the movie V for Vendatta and left after a while. India did lose the match, but I am too glad to get saddened at their loss. The day has almost ended and I guess I'll read another short story of Doyle's before I find myself on bed.  May you all have an enjoyable month- May.

It does sound like any other ordinary day. Perhaps, I should have titled this post  "A day with friends", but that title could hold hundreds of posts. I ll stick to the current title. Enjoy friends. Take care :)

To a friend on a Sunday morning

Sunday, May 2, 2010


You are a friend,
With whom I easily blend;
You are a friend,
To whom, messages I daily send;
You are a friend,
With whom, more time I want to spend;
I’ll be here, always here,
In case you wanna talk dear…