Different perspectives

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is a race,
Travel it with gentle pace;
It is not about I'm First, I'm Last,
It doesn't really matter How fast!
Magic is already cast,
And beautiful it is- the Future, the Present and the Past! 
Life is Crap,
A well designed, sweet trap,
In the end,
Everyone is gonna have an endless nap!


I completely agree that it sounds funny and insanely dumb. These dumb lines were written yesterday night with no intension of being posted. But I am very bored today and hence the result :)


Anonymous said...

U freak...blogging in the middle of an exam..poi padida

gayathri said...

well, both the thoughts sounds true to me....

Jayashree S said...

good one ! :D the gemini in action; expressing two thoughts at one go :P

AJai said...

I like the randomness. Go on...

Mishika said...

boredom usually brings out the creative genius inside you :P

cute :)

Nitin said...

@ raja Last semester la.. Chill... :)

@ gayathri :)

@ jayashree A true May born, for that matter...

@ Ajai thanks a ton

@ Mishika yeah, boredom does makes us think, at least me. :) n DEFINE CUTENESS :D

Mishika said...

For this particular thing, its something that made me smile :)

Nitin said...

:) :)