Someone broke my Window(s)

Monday, October 12, 2009
I hate it when I have to fix my system. From the age of fifteen I have been in a series of battles with (Microsoft's)Windows. Not that I hated it back then but we were, by no means, on good terms! After a series of precautions, yet again I find myself hating the experience of the installation process. To hell with Windows. And to hell with the guys who started the concept of Virus in the first place. Oh, I forgot to mention the reason for my whining, silly me. Last week my laptop was used by friends while I was happily playing Cricket with the not-so-busy, awesome souls. It was a Friday. I was happy and calm after playing cricket. Until... At home, the following morning(Saturday) I enter Windows to remove some of the redundant software only to find the fatal, the brutal, the ever-so-feared system32 error. What more? My mouse pointer starts break-dancing to the music playing on TV! Hopeless! I strongly feel many of you may have been in similar situations.

I rarely use Windows, thanks to a friend who is well-versed with Linux. So, when I bought my laptop I installed the damned Windows Vista and the cool, very flexible Ubuntu(an OS based on Linux). I have already posted a few screenshots of Ubuntu. One of my so-called achievements is I never re-installed any OS on my laptop. But this record shattered last weekend :( Sad, I know. All thanks to a pen drive. All thanks to the IRS(Institute of Remote Sensing), the place which is considered to be the storehouse for all sorts of Viruses. Oh well, I am happy though, for the files I consider important are unaffected thanks to the concept of Partitioning.


I have rebuild my Window(s) :P. Only this time, I ll refrain from the idea of not using an Anti-virus software. And yeah, am still using Ubuntu and getting better at it. 


Some of you might be wondering about What this Ubuntu thingy is :D  It is an OS which is linux-based but is user-friendly. I mention it cause the word LINUX frightens a lot of people I know. Well, even I get frightened by the word sometimes. Ubuntu comes free of cost. 100% Freedom. Freedom to alter applications, freedom to alter the kernel, freedom to play as and how an user wants to... Now, that is truly called POWER!

You can find the Ubuntu installation procedure, essential fundamentals here --->CEG's Linux User Group

Interesting Screenshots -  Click me :)


Neeru said...

And what an experience the rebuilding turned out to be! That's a rather nice account, Nitin.

Nitin said...

i still remember the day :D the worst saturday ever :)