Sathyam Heroes: PART TWO

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Note: Read it only if you have read PART ONE of the Sathyam Heroes.


Neo: There is only one fellow who can solve the problem.There is only one fellow who can fix things. Get me Moola Mu2.

Mu2: Hello

Neo: Hello

Mu2: Where are you?

Neo: Where the hell are you?

Neo,Mu2:  Am outside/near IRS(Institute of Remote Sensing)

IRS is a building in Anna University. Just a Building, nothing more than a building :)

Neo: What?

Mu2: I see you.

Neo: So do I. Click the damn phone!

Neo: So, the seminar is at 1400 hrs. Wat should we do?

Mu2: How many?

Neo: I don't know. All seem pretty interested. Someone has to take the initiative.
I ll make the calls, you gather the details on the theaters!

Mu2: Even if the show is near 1500 hrs, we can risk trying. But we'll have to skip the seminar.

Iyer: I still know you guys won't go :)

Neo: hey man, one more time, and my fist connects your jaw!

Iyer: Why do you want to go today?

Neo: Cause you challenged us. Cause you said it was not possible. Cause I.DON'T.WANT.TO.ATTEND.THAT.LECTURE.

Mu2: Lecture, what lecture! Am going. I cannot get sick again... Last time I sat for one of those, I couldn't get up. Bed-rest !

Neo, Iyer: LOL...

Mu2, Neo: Check it out... We have a show at Sathyams at 1630 hrs..

Iyer: In that case even I'll come, provided we all attend the seminar!

Neo: !!! You are so unpredictable... Okay, the seminar starts at 14:00 n the show is at 16:30...hmmm....

Neo: what say, Moola?

Mu2: I think your phone is ringing !

Avi: Am still in hostel! are we going anywhere!

Neo: get everyone to IRS! Mu2 will explain.

Avi: Seminar!!! you are out of your goddamn mind??

Neo: Click... OOPS... the line got cut :)

Mu2: Cash!!!

Neo: your ATM card will see to it :P

Mu2: yeah, and so will yours!

Iyer: Let's get in guys, shall we!

Neo: I swear if u don't come, you are history Iyer.

Iyer: Shall we...

Mu2: let's get in...

Sri: So you did turn up...

Neo: Wait... you'll be shocked...

In 15 minutes Avi, Mama, Hari, BJ, Yogu Sabbu, Mokka, and a lot of surprising faces were seated for the commencement of the seminar. Sri, Iyer, Mu2 and Neo were obviously present.

Sri: how is it possible?!

Iyer: !!

Neo: ??

Sri: So many of you have turned up. Are they taking attendance??

Neo: You see, Movies and Cricket unite people in India. :D

Sri: Madam will be shocked to see the bunch of you!

Iyer: everyone will be shocked to see the bunch of us!

Iyer, Sri, Neo: Rolling on the floor LAUGHING.

Ah, the air-conditioned auditorium with push-back, cushion chairs!  We were all happily seated, UNTIL...

SGL ---> Special Guest lecturer, the one who is to take us through the seminar!

SGL: Good afternoon, everyone.

Iyer: He is old.

Neo: He is boring.

Sri: He hasn't even started yet!


SGL: water....water...ground water....

Students: !!!???

SGL: ground water....ground water.... ground water....

Students: !!!!!!??????

SGL: RS(Remote Sensing)...GIS(Geographical Information        System)....RS....GIS...RS...GIS...

Students:  zzz...

SGL: Overlaying... Water resources... industries... Flumes... Plumes..

Students: zzzzzzzzz...

Iyer: What is he doing?

Neo: Apparently, he is doing a good job as a sedative to many! look to your right!

Half the juniors were oblivious of why they were seated so quietly in the auditorium !!! The others were sleeping like babies.

Neo: How tell me! Why suffer such painful things when we know we won't understand anything!

Iyer: You have the A.C. You have the push-back seats. Rest. We'll need it. For the movie that is.

Sri: These seminars are just to hint you, act as a guide. Not meant to be understood fully anyway. Even a short list can be helpful you know.

Neo: yeah. Absoultely. zzzzzzzz

Mu2: Time is 1500. Show is at 1630. What are we doing here!

BJ: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

BJ in deep slumber. The classic position- Legs stretched out, hands on lab, head slightly tilted to the left.

Mu2: !!!


Mu2: hey there, we are running late!

Neo: don't worry... trust me... It takes less time to reach Sathyam during the afternoon.

SGL: (in a high pitch) GIS...RS....GIS....RS...

Neo: Man, am starting to hate those words- RS and GIS!

Iyer giggles. Sri undisturbed, still listening, only soul to be doing so. Director of IRS sleeping peacefully in the first row. Shame. :)

Time: 1530 hrs

Neo: Don't worry guys. Mu2 and I will go in 2 min and book the tickets. You all come as soon as possible.

Mu2 and Iyer possess a bike each! So, they are ones we solely depend on many times, all times. Saviors, they are.

Mu2: You are joking. You are still hopeful.

Neo: Yes, I am.

Mu2: So, we are to withdraw cash and then go to Sathyam and then book 10 odd tickets for a 1630 show!!! Comedy sir.

Neo: Okay... So we need money!!! any Sponser !

Yogu: How much??

Neo, Mu2, Iyer: ROFL

Yogu: How much? (in a furious tone)

Neo: let me see.. more then 500 for sure.

Yogu, like a magician, gives a single 500 rupee note!
Iyer looks at Neo. Neo looks at Iyer. Lower jaw going real low! Mouth, wide open!

Neo: Iyer, let us run for the tickets... To hell with the seminar!

....Seminar ends at 15:45!....

Neo: We'll need more money!

Yogu: How much!

Neo, Iyer: !!!!

Mu2: another 500 will be nice...

Boom! Yogu pulls out five hundred rupee notes...

Neo: what the!!!

Iyer: It is surely gonna rain today

Neo: Rain, u say. I say Tsunami !

Iyer and Neo go on Iyer's bike. Real fast. Mount road. They are nearly there.

Neo: See, we'll reach in no time. It is 16:09... that is bloody fast, u know..Bloody fast.

Neo: I read this book The Secret by Rhonda Bryne! It says if you think of something positively, real strong, you get it!

Iyer nodding

Neo: According to it, we are in control of things...

Neo: According to Rhonda, when a lot of people desire something, it happens. Just like that. We are definitely watching that movie...

Iyer still nodding

Neo: There is  NO STOPPING US!!!


A policeman appears infront of our bike. Iyer doesn't stop. The front tyre is in between the policeman's legs :) and our beloved Iyer is bending his right hand inwards... trying to accelerate the vehicle to full speed... The policeman, totally disgusted, shows fast reflexes, does some stunt, and pulls the key of the vehicle!!!
Typical Bollywood style. be continued...


Neeru said...

ROFL. Man, LOVED that part about the lecture. OMG, the whole thing's SO funny! =)) GREAT job, Nitin. You've got a lovely sense of humor.
I WANT Part 3! NOW!

V.VIGNESH said...

Awesome da...:)
Really...)))No words..

Blazer said...

daiii !! really gr8 da.. i can relive the moments anytime by reading ur blog :-) this may form a bible to our juniors :)

V.VIGNESH said...

my sister couldn resist her laugh..:)

Nitin said...

@ Neeru, Vignesh, Balaj

Feeling elated. You people should see the smile on my face :D all thanks to ur comments.

@ Vignesh
A special thanks to Vidya(akka) for not resisting her laughter :)

Shera said...

hahaha.. LOL.. ROFL!!!!