Sathyam Heroes: PART ONE

Friday, October 2, 2009
Funny title eh, you will agree when i finish. It is always thrilling when you fight for something that is very uncertain. A short incident follows...

Day : Tuesday
Time: 1200 hrs

TQM(Total Quality Management) class got over. Our gang, as usual, were merry and ready to freak out.

Avi : Hey, so what's on your mind?

Neo: A lot of things...

Avi : !!!



Neo: How many times am I to tell you not to disturb when.... 1400 hrs from my field of view, a blue and a red...

Avi: boy, the blue clearly wins. Yeah,clear enough...LOL...

Neo: yeah, so what were you saying??

Avi : damn man, We were discussing Quick gun Murugan...Are we going or not!

Neo: hell yeah...

Iyer begins his Iyerish talk!

Iyer: hey, we have our entire life in front of us. We can go movies anytime. We have to attend a seminar on 'Water Resources Using Remote Sensing' in an hour... blah blah blah blah....

Neo: Ironic... Delhi iyer, enlighten me... We are in fourth year, and we'll be god knows where in 8 months! And the seminar is gonna be too deep(water resources), too long.

Sri: I won't let you go. If you go, then he will, and then he, and then he....and eventually Iyer and I will be the only ones among the boys attending it.

Neo: SO!!! big deal...we bunked for cricket very many times... and moreover it is just a seminar, with no importance to attendance! You are so funny!

Sri: I need your laptop.

Neo: Man, this is unreal. Avi, you go have your lunch. will let u know.

BJ : hey, i ll be near the canteen. Let me know the plan

Mama: i heard it is a dum movie. should we go?

Mu2, Neo : Hey mama, we are talking big here.. SATHYAM CINEMAS with a bunch of us.. just imagine !!!

Mama: What if the movie is boring !

Neo: even better. we always enjoy commenting on a boring movie, remember!

Mama: A 120 for commenting ! that is too much, don't you think...

Neo: hmmm... yeah, as if we go movies often... you are gonna come anyway, so why are you bothering so much!

Iyer: You won't get the tickets

Neo: man, u are not even coming. what's with you.

Iyer: nothing.I want you all to attend the seminar.

Avi: dai.... have u ever, and i mean ever seen me in any of those seminars?

Neo: I didn't know you were so scared of Madam Someone.

Mama: you coward! Courage, the cowardly dog!

Iyer: Not like that. She starts questioning like a CID officer.

Sri: I still won't let you go!

Neo: man, fine... lets go to Science&Humanities and get the laptop work done with. Iyer and I will have lunch nearby and you finish the library-downloading.

Sri: fine.

Iyer: fine with me too.

Sri: Phew... let us move then.

Neo: What about your lunch?

Sri: didn't bring any. At home today.

Neo: Gonna be hungry till 3 something. Is this seminar all that important!

Iyer: I know you guys... you'll never make it. you people'll have to postpone it.

Neo: you think so.

Iyer: I know so.

Neo: maybe, you are right.

Iyer and neo had their lunch in a corner of a building that they wished they didn't.

Iyer: hey, everyone is watching us as if we are aliens from outer space.

Neo: yeah, sitting and having lunch in the most dirtiest place is one great idea!!!

Tring, tring!

Neo: hello, tell Avi..

Avi: where are you ? what happened? it is 1:10 already. am in hostel.

Neo: Just finished lunch. I thought you people were finding out the theaters where the movie is being screened...

Avi: And how are we to know that!

Neo: There is only one fellow who can solve the problem.There is only one fellow who can fix things. Get me Moola Mu2. be continued...


Neeru said...

=)) LOVE the dialogue between you and Iyer, LOL. Can't wait for Part 2!

yogesh said...

I should have some conversation in this part...anyway extent of iyer courage revealed....happy!!!

Nitin said...

@ yogesh... U were merrily having lunch in mess when all this happened!! so, u appear much later...much much later :D

V.VIGNESH said...

Very nice..:))
But u missed the conversation between sri and the comp.sci guys...

Nitin said...

@ vig that does not include our guys, right! that is why... :D the guys are so geeky that...that it is a crime writing about them! without their permission that is :D