My First Post

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Hello people,
                      Blogging, I thought was for all those insipid introverts who couldn't express themselves in real life. It's obvious that I was under a misconception. On the contrary, there are blogs which are informative, well-written, and fun to read. I came to know about it some years back from newspapers and friends. I kept thinking why some people waste their time on it; why would anyone be interested to read something written by an amateur anyway ? Why would people want to read something which is not written in proper English? Why in the world would they prefer to read something which may contain false facts! I still don't know completely. May be they are able to connect theirselves to the thoughts of the blogger. May be they are impressed by the way the blogger/ writer expresses his/her views.
                    I like to pen thoughts rather than discuss it with everyone; moreover one thinks while penning his thoughts. I had read a few of my friends' blogs and they were impressive. I have started blogging cause a couple of my friends told me to and it is far better than wasting time in social networking sites.  I do hope to continue this as a new constructive hobby.

                    Comments and reader's views are most welcome.


Fermi said...

Oh u have started today!!! all the best go ahead!!!

Srinath S said...

Tintin Jain,

Welcome aboard. :)

Neeraja said...

I'm glad to see a lot of the juniors blogging. It's a great pastime. :) Much better than wasting time on social networking sites, I agree. :D

Neeraja said...

By the way, Tintin Jain? You DO look like Tintin, I just realized :D

P.S. Please get rid of the word verification thingy!