You hate it, then you love it

Friday, September 18, 2009
No, no, no, nothing heavy this time. I have been getting complaints, so I'll scribble something light. I enjoy reading movie reviews in The Hindu's supplement- Friday Review(now, Cinema Plus). The initial idea of starting a blog was to pen my views on various movies. As most of the times, I gave up the idea as a lot has been said and written by millions of viewers worldwide already, and am impressed. Nevertheless, each individual can always flaunt his/her own style

No, am not here to recommend you a long list of must-watch-movies, nor am I here to give you my never-ending list of favourite movies. The title gives you a clue! It is very rare that we hate a movie first, and then after a while, after having thought about it, after pondering over the unconnected pieces, after having watched it again, we begin reconsidering our views. And finally we land up watching and enjoying the movie for God knows how many times!

Two such movies are Fight Club and The Prestige. The former, being highly controversial for its satirical nature and obscenity, is one movie with the most memorable quotes. Though the movie is a complete opposite of a fairy tale and is dark in many ways, it is very new and I must admit that the crew must have had some crazy time on the sets! A true classic for having broken many grounds. I cannot write more on the movie as the suspense will be revealed! I must warn you though, that certain parts of this movie are very disturbing.

The Prestige, a movie by Christopher Nolan, is a mystery with a lot of magic in it. As always, Nolan with his inclination to unconventional, non-linear story-telling, leaves us spellbound. The portrayal of the characters is truly amazing having depth in them; and it is difficult to judge who is more wronged and whose actions are justifiable to be pardoned. The movie, with its catchy prologue and a brilliant epilogue, has to be watched very carefully. A rare treat and definitely an underrated movie. As Caine puts it in the beginning- Are you watching closely?

I recommend The Prestige to anyone above 14. Fight Club fans will raise eyebrows if I say anything on the age as viewer's discretion is highly required. Definitely above 18 and viewer's discretion is a must. Skip it if you are confused! :)


Nitin said...

There is Memento but am yet to understand it COMPLETELY ! :)

Neeru said...

Whoa, Nitin, you must write reviews for the papers, man! :)