My friend, Vignesh

Friday, September 11, 2009

My dear friend Vignesh- The Iyer,
Has eyes as fierce as fire;
An angel so good,
Loves his breakfast, lunch, dinner and food.

My loving friend Vignesh- The Iyer,
Is as funny as Bugs Bunny
And dislikes Cricket when it's sunny;
As bright as light,
He hates it when people fight.

My caring friend Vignesh- The Iyer,
A fanatic of Maestro Rehman;
Prefers his music a lot,
For that an MP3 player he bought.
My friend Iyer's vote is 100% for-

My charming friend Vignesh,the Iyer

Out of his many desires,
Told me once whom he admires,
And wooing her he'll never tire.
She is Miss Asin,
And for her, he'll commit that one coveted Sin.
My friend Vignesh, the Iyer.

Vignesh asked me if I would write anything at all on him. Dedicated to Vignesh, a great friend.


V.VIGNESH said...

ha ha..
never thought u would publish this..:)

Nitin said...

@ vignesh.... my mom read it n was very proud of me!!!
show it to ur mom...she ll be very proud of u ;)

Jayashree S said...

great job!!! keep it up :) :)

Shera said...

wow!!!!! good one!! :)

Blazer said...

he he he :) come up with some more for the other satyam heros also :)

Nitin said...

IYER BOY!!! You have so many fans :)