A wonderful day, wednesday.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Ha, a lighter note this time, certain observations!

1) We have to suffer on earth, no other go; everyone has to. So be ready,on guard always.(as if that is possible!)

2) A moment is best enjoyed when it is totally unexpected.

3) Start sharing your worries and miseries. It makes you feel good, still wondering why though.

4) Just let your "Oh hell, what next!" emotion drive you crazy.

5) When in a loop of troubles, don't go searching for the exit, take a detour.(Warning, very dangerous)

6) "If only" statements are painful, stop using them.(A total waste of time.)

7) Friends are not to be completely trusted. Trust them if only you can trust yourself completely. :)

8) Don't watch all the reality shows. Cartoons are way more better.(There are no age limits for watching cartoons)

9) "Garfield" and "Calvin n Hobbes" bring a smile to many a face every morning. Happiness is contagious, please don't pretend to be immune. ;) Read them,enjoy !

10) Randomness, if not the best, is another way to put things in order.

PS :

My first post during the day. happy holiday everybody.


Mishika said...

I so agree with not trusting your friends part, but I guess we have a different mind-frame towards it.

Nitin said...

excatly... we'll learn, gradually