The Small,Little Child

Thursday, August 13, 2009

On a cold, deserted night, the clock strikes,
A minute later, the baby cries;
While the father stood by the infant's side,
The news of the little, blessed child,
Spread wide and wide.

Hundreds lost their lives,
Millions all over the green earth sighed;
Many a soldier deceased,
Their lifeless wives died for uncertain peace.
Yet the proud father was filled with joy,
At the sight of his cute, little boy.

The boy grew old,
Oh, so handsome and bold,
And of his mother, he was never ever told;
"Father!Father", the boy cried out loud,
"A terrible thing, don't scold,
Here before you, i do unfold,
That I threw away the family gold!"

The bullion is the least we want,
For you have me and I have you;
And that's why with the gold I flew
And spread them to the lot few;
They had no parents, had no love.
Gold is no answer, but they deserve a better life,
Not that what happened to their father's wives.

The child is big and now so true,
He still has the charm and his eyes so blue;
For now he has no more fear,
As he sees his father's happy tears;
He is still the same old, small, little child,
And now, forever, he stays by his father's side.


Rose winget said...

u r my bro........i feel so proud of u.......
unimaginable thoughts......
ur thoughts n poem was fab......
i m speechless rite now...........

Neeru said...

:) Lovely.

Shera said...