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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello friends,

I have, if not always, eighty out of hundred times made a mockery of the scenes wherein the blue-eyed guy throws verbose lines at the girl draped in pink. Pure gibberish, i surmised. Ever heard of a boomerang effect! Yeah,boomerang.Unfortunately, i fell for all those superfluous verses after reading a few posts on a friend's blog. Well, words do have power and we cannot deny that fact. Hence i thought why not pen some lines that sound romantic in tune and are in rhythm. And romantic i shall be. Not an easy task for someone who isn't committed. But by no means a tough task for someone who has watched tons of (bollywood) movies :)
The following lines are as childish as they can possibly be. Lots of laughs.

Just as the sun shines in the noon
Just as the mother awaits her son to return soon,
I stare hours at the empty lonely moon,
Thinking of you,a boon.

Waiting for an answer,waiting for your answer.

I ain't no bold Lochinvar,
I ain't no big bright star,
Neither am I the guy with a big scar,

Yet am waiting for an answer

Waiting for your answer.

Wish I were the mighty Hercules,
Wish I were the fearless Achilles,
Tall and strong,
With whom you can travel along;

Watching you has been such a bliss,

Life will be complete with that one little kiss.
Waiting for your answer,

Only for your answer.


Rose winget said...

if u were not my bro i would had surely proposed to u............
i luv u bhai......

Neeru said...

Ah, some inspiring your friend has done you. :)
Romantic lines, Romeo.

Shera said...

Is it from my classmate Nitin??! Culdn believe it!! Awesome Nitin! Really Awesome:)

Nitin said...

:) Romeo! LOL. thank you...

@ shera Thank u... glad that i can surprise some.

@rose aka Surby :D