Musings on a Moonless Night

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pondering over and over, with no words satisfactory, I'll have to write in a random yet pleasing manner yet again. On a blissful night with the wind blowing, a few birds chirping, the sound of all the human-invented, cacophonous machines and their users resting, I wake up to experience what people believe could be experienced only during the early mornings- The beauty of emptiness.

With the positive and already known things said, I move on. It is only during the nights, after almost all souls fall that I start to contemplate on the strangest of things. For the past few months many thoughts have kept creeping up leaving me awake at nights. Not an insomniac yet. The world is moving at a pace so fast, it is almost unfathomable. The population, the fights, the sufferings, the disasters, the pretentious nature of our very men, and such similar thoughts keep bothering me time and again. Did we move much faster then we were supposed to? Must we belong to some other age, stone age for instance? Are we so busy fighting with time that we forget the simplest of things? Are we hurting ourselves every second and waiting for time to stop? Are we that helpless? Are we viruses spreading all over and scared of our existence? Aren't we shouting out aloud for more space? ARE WE REALLY LIVING LIFE? I sound depressing now a days. :)

The sleepless nights help get rid of the nasty dreams. Nasty and dreams don't go hand in hand, do they? But am not speaking of nightmares. How can they be called nightmares when am living them at times. It is a strange feeling. Dejavu is in my list of favourite words, no doubt, but it is a fact of life. I believe in the concept of parallelism; even multiple parallelism. Have you ever waked up to find that you are older than you thought? Yeah, what I mean is being younger in your dream and being your actual self in reality. Now, why are we bothered and at times haunted by nasty dreams. It cannot be cyclic. According to me it is all connected. Some miscalulation ends in dreams. And some major miscalculation ends up revealing a cue of our future.Blurry images like puzzles, the solution of which is only got when we experience it in reality. So next time you land up in any such blurry area, keep your eyes open! Ironic, I guess.Again.

Randomness in thoughts is a way to check the veracity of oneself! From the beauty of emptiness, I land up interpreting the complexity of the concept of dreams. May be not so cogent , but musings are never cogent, are they! Lots more to share.
Guess I'll temporarily stop here.

Unsatisfied with this post :(
I dedicate this to Neeru for only she ll have the patience to read this lame,incoherent and muddled piece.


Neeru said...

Ah, a lovely post on dreams (nasty though they may be) and it's dedicated to me. All that I needed in life to make me happy. Thank you.

Nitin, a good writer is never satisfied with his last work :) He always wants to bring out more and better stuff.

Anyway, why aren't you satisfied with it, young man? It's a nice piece, something so random and yet so coherent. I rather liked it. I love the way you put forth your musings - the way you narrate even the simplest things in so interesting a style.

Mishika said...

I loved the bit that you wrote about dreams, maybe because I can sort of relate to it. Even I'd rather not sleep than tolerate nasty dreams which end up scaring me!

Happy blogging..

Nitin said...

@neeru :) :->

@mishikaa :D


/*write stuff in a random manner always :D */