Agatha Christie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Murder mysteries are readable and enjoyable when the plot spun by the author stays suspenseful with heavy yet credible twists here and there till the end. There are a few authors who never fail to disappoint. And one such writer is Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crimes, has written many novels featuring a Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, an elderly lady Miss Marple and other other novels with no particular prolific protagonist. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly considered the best when it comes to detectives, yet there are few who prefer the Belgian detective to the coveted, undisputed legend Sherlock Holmes.When it comes to WHO-DUNIT genre, Christie is simply at the top of the list(but Sherlock Holmes would remain my favorite detective).

Having read a lot of her work, I recommend three of my favourite novels by Christie. 

1)And then there were none was first written in the 1930s under the name Ten Nigger Boys- a nursery rhyme being the theme of the book. The book is not only intriguing but very carefully written with justified characterisation. As in most of her stories, this one too has a WHO DID IT element in it and leaves the reader spell-bound when the plot unfolds at the very end. If one reads this work of hers, he/ she is bound to read many more of Christie's. It has been made into a motion picture and  has also been remade in Bollywood. Now that's really something!

2)Murder on the Orient Express was my first suspense novel; and was it good! You bet it was. The revelation will have a magical effect on you. No matter how acute a reader you are, it is very unlikely that you will spot this mystery on account of it being an extremely well planned murder plot. Oops, I do not intend to spill any beans here!

3)Murder of Roger Ackroyd  left me thinking if anyone but her could have used the meaning of the word alibi in a better way. Though the book was a drag, it had an entirely surprising ending, unveiling in the most unconventional manner.

There are other novels of her's which are equally good. But these three stand out and occupy the top three spots in my list of Agatha's novels.

This isn't a review. I am trying to spread the work of Agatha Christie, a very famous writer in crime fiction.


Jayashree S said...

hey! You've updated your blog! semma semma!! :)
That just strikes me, maybe i should start a blog and spread murphy's laws! you've made me think yet again! :P hmmm! :P

And add on, Murder in Mesopotamia n The Seven Dials Mystery! they're my favourites!! :D :D

Nitin said...

Want to get my hands on Murder in Mesopotamia and A Murder is Announced

AJai said...

I been reading a bit of Agatha Christia lately. I used to think they were chick-lit books. But was I surprised. Like you rightly said... her books are fantastic. :)

Nitin said...

@ Ajai

ROFL @ chick-lit !

yeah, fantastic and refreshing :)

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